Website Design for Ichibuns Restaurant

Extending the brand experience online for the Japanese super diner.

Ichibuns is a Japanese super diner conceived by restaurateur Robin Leigh (Nobu, BondST, Busaba) and renowned interior designer Muramatsu Noriyoshi (Zuma, Roka).

We created the new brand for Ichibuns before its hugely anticipated London launch in 2017 and were tasked with designing the restaurant website shortly after.

The Ichibuns concept brings together a multitude of themes to create a unique dining experience. So our brand identity was created in layers to reflect this collage of cultural, creative and culinary influences.

The idea was that it could be mixed and matched, simplified or amplified, depending on the application. Wherever the brand appears, it can be adapted to its environment – including the brand website.

Taking the brand online was a natural progression for such a versatile brand identity. Allowing us to extend the customer experience while having fun with the rich ‘brandscape’ we had created for Ichibuns.

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