Spinach designs the global website for aviation specialist Unilode

Unilode website

This is the corporate website and brand guidelines portal for one of the world’s leading aviation solutions providers, Unilode. Designed and created by our team at Spinach, it serves as the company’s main global touchpoint, a communication hub for the entire Unilode team and their customers worldwide.

This is not our first project with Unilode. In 2016, we successfully rebranded the firm in an exciting project which involved creating a world-leading brand from scratch to include an entirely new name, designed to be easily understood on a global scale.

Headquartered in Zurich, Unilode manages the world’s largest outsourced global fleet of unit load devices (ULDs) – these are the containers airlines use to carry luggage and cargo around the world. The firm supplies and manages some 100,000 ULDs for more than 40 airline customers across a global network of 450 airports. It partners with some of the world’s leading firms, including Air Canada and Cathay Pacific.

Brand Agency Unilode

Given the scale of the business, we were aware from the start that the Unilode website needed to deliver seamlessly on multiple levels. This meant categorising the extensive offering, as well as feature the relevant international service centre contacts. In order that potential customers could quickly work out cost efficiencies and environmental benefits with Unilode’s specialised service, we also created a user-friendly CO2 emissions/carbon cost/capital expenditure/fuel savings calculator for the site.

Moreover, the website links to a comprehensive set of corporate brand guidelines documents, giving Unilode’s global team and partners immediate access to correct brand usage information wherever they are in the world.

An interesting aspect of working in a creative agency like Spinach is in the diversity of the projects we do. You get to meet with other worlds, go behind the scenes of various industries, see how they operate and learn what they do. It has been fascinating visiting the complex and innovative world of aviation through Unilode.

Take a closer look at the project here.

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