Brand Identity for Unilode

Building a brand for the leading aviation solutions provider.

Spinach were asked to create a new name and brand identity for CHEP Aerospace Solutions, the leading global provider of outsourced Unit Load Device (ULD) management and inflight equipment repair solutions, following their acquisition by EQT Infrastructure.

Working to a tight two-month deadline, our team developed the new name, brand identity and corporate values system after a series of brand naming and values workshops with key stakeholders at their Zurich headquarters.

Given the scale of the business (they own and manage approximately 100,000 ULDs for more than 40 airline customers across a network of 450 airports and 48 repair and service centres globally) the name and brand had to meet a number of criteria in terms of usability and pronounceability across applications and territories.

The name Unilode comes from the first letters of ‘unit load device’, referencing the essential aviation components at the heart of the business. Coincidentally, while testing the name for ease of use and unwanted meanings in over 19 languages, ‘lode’ revealed a positive meaning as an old English word for a rich source or supply.

The logo is constructed using strong modular elements. These combine to create a set of geometric wings, symbolising upward movement and flight. The cut-away corner references the characteristic shape of the ULD.

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