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It’s been a few months since the launch of our book The Life Negroni. Created and published by Spinach, we worked with a single subject, in this case the Negroni, bringing this classic cocktail to life through its history, its components, its associations – the arts, the faces, and places. And it was an extremely exciting project to be involved in. It introduced us to a world that is so passionate about what they do – a world dedicated to distilling the best artisan spirits, designing the most beautiful bars, championing exciting artists, and mixing up perfect cocktails.

The Life Negroni book sales have been incredibly healthy (who said print is dead!) and we’re very pleased it has received flattering press reviews from quite a mix of magazines and websites ranging from the design Bible Wallpaper*, to The Spectator, Time Out, Brummell, Olive and Bar Magazines to daily blogs Urban Junkies and even Boots Shoes and Fashion!


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Here’s a selection of some of the most inspiring reviews:

The Life Negroni is a gorgeous book offering voyeuristic insights into a way of life which may never have existed anywhere other than the imagination, but one that is no less intoxicating for that… As a publication, I was reminded of Luc Sante’s epic No Smoking of 2004, a masterpiece of book design. It is an album, a love letter, a guide, a memoir and a rich source of graphic delight, ‘ design critic, aesthete and author Stephen Bayley wrote in The Spectator.

‘Like the drink, the book drips European post-war cool… and it’s just possible it might make you a little thirsty,‘ Teddy Jamieson printed in The Herald Magazine.

‘Be warned: this is a gripping read,’ said Time Out.

Wallpaper* wrote: ‘Mixing up a monograph about a single cocktail seems like a tall order, but the Banks’ celebration of all things Italian, bitter and sweet offers a life history of a famous drink.’

Bar Magazine printed: ‘The revival of the classic Negroni has given it a cult status that is celebrated over more than 300 pages in a lavish new book.’

‘The Life Negroni is an ode to this cocktail, recounting the fascinating history, examining ingredients and the people, music, art and fashions it’s inspired,’ wrote Olive Magazine.

‘It’s like going on the Negroni grand tour. La dolce vita!’ Urban Junkies.

‘It explores the influence the Negroni has had on style, fashion and etiquette, as well as the part it has played in music, at and luxury hotels,’ Brummell magazine printed.

To purchase a copy and order book inspired artwork visit here.

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