How architectural photography can direct the way we experience space

Overall Winner 2015_Buildings in use_EPFL Quartier Nord, Ecublens, Switzerland_Photograph by Fernando Guerra

Building Images celebrates the power of architectural photography on the way we sense and experience spaces. The exhibition, currently running Sto Werkstatt in London until 25 March, features winning images from Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2015. On show is work by overall winner Fernando Guerra, and shortlisted entrants Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre, Doublespace, Christopher Frederick Jones, Laurian Ghinitoiu, Mark Gorton, Ryan Koopmans, Lingfei Tan + Song Han, Mads Mogensen, Tom Roe, Ieva Saudargaite, Su Shengliang, Grant Smith and Jeremie Souteyrat.

Sto Werkstatt_Building Images Exhibition MedRes ©GG Archard

Guerra says of his work: ‘I believe an image like this, obtained by chance, and definitely not by major planning, give space meaning, creates rhythms that the architects had probably planned for. I was there to help tell the story.’ Here the skill and creativity of the photographer are examined, and the critical possibilities of photography explored.

Buildings in use_Yick Cheong Building, Hong Kong_Photograph by Lingfei Tan + Song Han

‘Photographers are conveyors of the architectural experience and photography has the unique ability to explore and represent architectural space and form, and even to express fundamental architectural concepts,’ says curator Amy Croft. She hopes the exhibition will help ‘spark a wider debate on the use of imagery in the digital era as well as the importance of visual communication tools within the architecture and design industry’.

Image © Sto Werkstatt

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Exteriors_Universite lbn Zohr de Laayoune, Laayoune, Morocco_Photograph by Doublespace Photography (Amanda Large & Younes Bounhar
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