The Life Negroni exhibits in London and Dubai

We are thrilled to be exhibiting in Dubai this month. Photography from The Life Negroni, and original artwork by Spinach is on display for three weeks starting on 26 October at Cocktail Kitchen.

We at Spinach believe in collaborating with likeminded brands, ones that are unique, have a story to tell, and crucially are independent in mind and spirit.


The Life Negroni at Cocktail Kitchen Dubai
Cocktail Kitchen Dubai


In the summer we teamed up with the East London Liquor Company for Negroni Week taking part in a discussion on all things Negroni. Then last month we joined a lively evening celebrating the world of books, craft liquors and creative spirits at Clerkenwell-London as part of London Cocktail Week.

At the East London Liquor Company, a team of passionate distillers craft unique spirits from the stylish distillery/bar/kitchen in Hackney – incidentally this east London creative hub is also home to our design and branding studios.


Clerkenwell London
Clerkenwell London


With its collection of objects of desire, original design and fashion, not to mention a uniquely curated wine cellar, Clerkenwell-London was similarly founded on the principle of harnessing creative minds.

Cocktail Kitchen also has an interesting vision – to introduce, amongst other things, the aperitivo culture, Italian style of course, to Dubai’s thriving social scene. And we are thrilled to be part of this journey.

Find out more about The Life Negroni exhibition at Cocktail Kitchen here

Collage from The Life Negroni book launch
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