Spinach designs a unique events brand experience for Campari

Design Junction celebrated its best show to date, exhibiting over 200 leading international design brands and attracting a record-breaking 28,000 visitors to the King’s Cross location over four days (21 – 24 September). Spinach was excited to be part of the event. We helped bring to life Campari Creates – a classic narrowboat designed as a floating bar anchored at the Granary Square waterway, where Milan’s iconic bittersweet cocktails were served at aperitivo, and where La Vita Campari was launched to the sound of DJ Carlo Rossi and the Organic Jam.La Vita Campari © Spinach

Spinach set out to create a Campari-flavoured brand experience through menu design and event flyers. We wanted to honour this classic Milanese drink and the enduring style of the city’s Navigli canal district and its unique aperitivo style, and bring a little of its flavour to the heart of London. Campari Creates reaffirms the brand’s reputation for commissioning exciting artists and designers, pioneering innovative advertising and packaging, works such as the brilliant 1932 Campari Soda bottle.


Campari Creates © Spinach

The brand book La Vita Campari was written, photographed and designed by Spinach for Campari. This stylish lifestyle book tells the story of an exciting brand, its love of arts and ideas, its endorsement of the avant-garde and intimate connection to Milan, the creative city it was born into.

La Vita Campari by Spinach for Campari

For the event, fashion and design company Eley Kishimoto designed a dynamic art installation featuring the iconic Campari logo, which remained on display throughout Design Junction.


Campari Creates by Spinach at Design Junction ©Ruth Ward
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