Spinach helps refresh and rewild the Cowshed brand from Soho House

Cowshed is an exciting brand. Founded in 1998, the spa was originally intended as a sanctuary for guests staying at the Soho House country retreat, the Grade II listed Babington House in Somerset, England. The Cowshed Spa introduced a modern way to relax and unwind, in a stylish setting and using products made expertly with natural ingredients from the walled garden.

Babington House

Soon Babington House became the place to be. Fat Boy Slim and Zoe Ball famously married here a year later, as did the Soho House founder Nick Jones and Kirsty Young. Cowshed Spa aficionados included Kate Moss and Sadie Frost. Today, the spas can be found dotted around major cities, and the beauty and therapy products are sold around the world.

Earlier this year Spinach Branding was asked to partner with Cowshed on its first comprehensive brand review in over two decades. The world of wellness, health, and beauty has evolved beyond recognition in the last two decades – this is, after all, one of the fastest-growing industries. Cowshed rightfully felt it was time to revisit its past – remind us of its pioneering heritage. The team at Spinach was also tasked to help refresh the design of the products.

At the heart of the brand refresh is the concept of ‘Understated Indulgence’. Cowshed customers typically have demanding careers and lifestyles, and the products and spa is their ‘me time’ – their personal indulgence. Spinach felt that this element needed to be brought back to life through a refresh in design and words.

Through extensive customer research, the team identified the elements which remain sacred and what no longer serves the brand, then amplifying and turn down aspects of the existing visual and verbal identity to appeal to a new global audience. This followed close collaboration with the Cowshed design team to achieve a considered evolution, a natural evolution, of the brand.

Spinach’s work with Cowshed included updating the brand values to be: Honest, Original, Social, Transformative. Combined they happen to spell ‘host’, further reinforcing the ‘lived-in luxury’ concept pioneered by the Soho House and its Cowshed Spas. Essentially, working closely with the Cowshed creative team, Spinach was able to build on and refine the core visual elements of the original brand across all packaging to help reconnect Cowshed to its rich heritage and pioneering roots in Somerset.

Images © Spinach Branding for Cowshed.

See the Cowshed brand refresh case study here.

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