How signage can amplify and convey your brand message

Barking Riverside branding by © Spinach Branding

Signage can have super powers. Used correctly and strategically they will make a great impact on a brand and how it’s perceived. Signs, of course, are not a new thing. Commercial signage for retail and promotional purposes has a long history going as far back as antiquity. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all used signboards for shop fronts or to announce public events, and those in power (or wanting power) have also known the mastery of signs to enforce a message.

Clever, intelligent signage uses the power of a few words combined with a memorable design to broadcast a message to a particular audience. They may also have practical purposes – in wayfinding and displaying information, for instance. And they can be created in analogue and digital form to further emphasise a message.

Signage has played a key part in a project we’re currently involved with. Barking Riverside is one of Europe’s most significant mixed-use placemaking projects, evolving a vibrant London neighbourhood while providing a platform for existing and new residents. The project is anchored on the principle of placemaking to mean designing spaces for people, place and nature. It is about authenticity, inclusivity and encouraging opportunities for all its residents. Therefore, all signage has had to amplify and convey this core brand message.

The Wilds Barking Riverside. Images © Jimmy Lee Photography for BRL

Our work has involved designing and positioning signage in key areas around Barking Riverside – echoed on the company website. We have made sure that every touchpoint within the development that is visible to the residents carries a positive and unified message. This includes gateway signage to the site entrance, plot developer branding, branded advertising to include signposting the development to passers-by, as well as branded notices around key new developments within the area. And it has been instrumental to the project’s success.

A good signage will have an immediate and long-term impact. With the correct words and the right design they can create a sense of transparency and allow the public to become part of the dialogue of change. ‘What you read on a sign is the tip of a complicated messaging iceberg,’ says Spinach branding director Leigh Banks. ‘The art is to translate the proposition’s complexity into a distilled statement that conveys the message with precision. As the old adage goes, simple never means simplistic.’

The Barking Riverside project has been shortlisted for the 2022 ‘Transform Awards’ with Spinach Branding entered in two categories: ‘best brand architecture solution’ and ‘best visual identity from the property, construction and facilities management sector’.

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Barking Riverside branding by © Spinach Branding
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