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It has been a hugely exciting year for Spinach Branding. In 2018, we successfully delivered creative projects for international clients in aviation, finance, entertainment, food and drink, and lifestyle. We have a strong team of advertising, design, and branding experts at the Hackney studio in vibrant east London, also home to our photographic studio where we provide bespoke, specialist work for our clients. What’s more, we are about to launch The Hackney Emporium… but more on this exciting venture will be revealed in January.

There were some great highlights across the year. Having successfully launched and delivered a new brand in global aviation Unilode, we worked with the company in 2018 to help explore and expand upon the new brand. We also continued our involvement with Paul Rhodes Bakery to help further strengthen the ‘The Art of Baking’ brand identity for this award-winning London artisan maker.

Paul and Paul Rhodes Bakery ‘The Art of Baking’ by Spinach

Another highpoint this year has been our latest work with Campari. Last year the UK arm of this icon of Milan approached our team to write and design the ‘La Vita Campari’ brand book. This year the firm asked us to create an advertising campaign to help drive awareness of its classic red drink with a new generation of cocktail drinkers acquiring a taste for more complex and interesting bitter flavours. Rooted in extensive consumer research, the ‘Ready For Bitter?’ campaign positions Campari as the key ingredient in a selection of timeless and classic cocktails. To support the campaign, we also designed the bespoke LaVitaCampari.com hub. Watch out for the ‘Ready for Bitter?’ ads that have rolled out across UK media and on London billboards.

Spinach helped create the brand name Unilode

In 2018 we once again collaborated with another exciting drinks brand Sacred. Having featured the company in our book The Life Negroni we were thrilled to be tasked to create a brand book for the team. Sacred by Nature explores the innovative and exciting spirits being produced by this boutique London distillery.

Sacred by Nature

Elsewhere, we worked with Camelot, the operator of the UK National Lottery to design the brand’s annual and corporate responsibility reports. This is a fascinating organisation that uses the proceeds from the games to fund a multitude of good causes. Our approach was to showcase this extraordinary business model, highlighting Camelot’s overarching objective of raising as much money as possible for the charities and art organisations it supports, and the amazing projects that have benefited from these funds. It has been a real pleasure working alongside this vibrant team.

Annual Report Design Photography Agency

As was working with ieDigital, key providers of financial services technology to the retail, banking and finance industries. The company asked Spinach to create a brand identity that is in line with the new name – to help strengthen its place as experts in the field of ‘open platform’ development. Our bright, modern and approachable rebrand positions ieDigital as a strategic partner unencumbered by traditional industry thinking, offering a flexible, future-proof proprietary platform.

ieDigital Brand Agency London

In 2018 we also worked with the leading property developer The Berkeley Group in building an online brand hub. The new platform is positioned around the needs of the people who use it the most – the employees and contractors. Spinach has also been working alongside Soho House in 2018 on the Cowshed wellness brand. This is a work-in-progress but stay tuned in, as we have some incredibly exciting news to share with you in the coming months.

Advertising by Spinach Brand Advertising Agency

In the meantime, take a look at our unique approach and get in touch. We are always excited to hear from new brands, start-ups, and individuals. We wish you all – our clients, our colleagues, our friends, and our future friends – a successful year ahead, and we look forward to sharing news of upcoming projects in 2019.

Happy New Year!

Spinach Branding is a specialist branding agency based in London. We work with established businesses and start-ups around the world to build and refine their brands. See how we work and get in touch to discuss your brand.

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