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Social Media Branding & Design

To succeed on social media, brands need to say the right things at the right time to the right people. Moreover, they need to look the part.

We know that appearances are everything on social media. And while brands can’t always replicate the oddball mix of content, comment and ‘This is me at Lake Pukkalogo’ photos of the average user, they can still cultivate a characterful profile that’s on brand and works hard in the social space.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to name a few, are no longer just ‘nice to haves’ within a brand’s marketing mix; they are essential elements. The trick is finding out which ones work best in combination for a particular brand – and this is where our specialism lies.

We advise brands on the best channel(s) to use to achieve their aims, design collateral that is optimised for social media platforms and devise content strategies and measurable campaigns to help engage audiences and build awareness of new products or promotions.

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