Spinach senior designer on design, branding and inspirations

Spinach works across various industries, with international clients involved in aviation, education, property, hospitality, food, and wine. We caught up with the senior designer Simon Ward to learn more about his approach and to discover what inspires him.

Spinach has just completed a project with Claude Hooper, the show home specialist founded in 1972, and one of the first to introduce designer furniture outside of London. What were the main challenges with this project?

Claude Hooper was already an established brand – it just needed some guidance visually to truly maximise and cement its position within the industry. Therefore, every design decision was meticulously considered as it was integral to keep the company’s history as well as maintain the personality and character of the founder Claude Hooper.

Which part of the project are you most proud of?

I try not to identify different elements, but view it as a whole project. Each element of a project has to work individually and seamlessly as part of the bigger brand in order for the identity to be a success as a whole. We apply this principle to all the work we do at Spinach. With all our projects, if one element is not working as strongly as the others then the brand is not functioning as well as it could be.

You work on a variety of projects at Spinach from print and web design, branding and advertising, and publishing niche books. What interests you most?

For me, versatility within design is very important. As a designer, you have to be flexible, be able to apply your creativity through various channels across multiple deliverables. The process of crafting a brand from scratch and its application across a range of assets can be a beautiful yet challenging experience, and it is this process that excites any designer.

How and where do you find inspiration?

I try not to actively seek inspiration, but instead draw upon personal knowledge, experiences, and emotions. A touch of the earth’s rich soil, the elegant and graceful flight of a bird, the melodic tunes of a flute dancing on the breeze, a deep breath of fresh country air on a frosty winter’s morning… To simply exist is an inspiration.

The world we inhabit is visual, engaging and thought-provoking, keep your eyes and ears open and let your senses and mind guide you in your quest for answers. To consult one’s mind, to draw upon the senses and life’s great journey, is the most powerful tool for inspiration.

Images: Claude Hooper and Martin Miller’s Gin by © Spinach Branding.

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