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The world order has been shifting for some time. There’s much excitement and anxiety around the advancing machine age. Our consumer habits have altered dramatically since the pandemic and are about to shift further. And there is the environment, the health of our planet, which is having an impact on businesses and changing the consumer mindset. Challenging. Unpredictable. Exciting. It all depends on how you frame it, what lens you look through.

You could say we’re standing at the edge of the cliff. But we can choose to jump or fly.

One thing is certain though: brands are having to work harder than ever to find their voice within this scenario and it helps to consult a professional branding agency to navigate the maze. But what is the best way to select a partner that is right for your business?

The first step is to identify a branding agency you like. It helps if they have experience in your field, but that shouldn’t necessarily govern your choice. Rather, it’s imperative to get to know, admire and respect their work, and it helps to share similar values. The creative work should always be the conversation starter, says Sharry Cramond. Writing in The Drum, the executive vice-president for marketing and communications at Southeastern Grocers believes ‘a brilliant idea is the most important thing.’

What’s more, the global trend appears to be moving away from favouring agencies with single market expertise to ones with a broader knowledge base and skillset. It reflects the changing landscape where businesses have become much more fluid in how they navigate multiple areas. Take the example of the BMW Group. Once considered a straightforward car company, it has positioned itself as a global tech brand to signal the changing nature of cars into complex semi-autonomous transport systems.

Large companies are likely to have an internal creative and marketing team. However, smart brands are also aware that it works positively to engage independent external agencies in the creative process. According to Bill Duggan, group executive vice-president of the Association of National Advertisers, 90% of marketers who have in-house capabilities are also using external partners.

Michael Kassan, chair and chief exec of MediaLink, agrees that you still need the agency expertise. He told The Drum recently, ‘we’re finding in-housing where agencies are still putting their proverbial fingers on the keyboard of the client. That’s what we’re going to see more and more of.’ And it goes without saying that it is critical for internal and external staff to work harmoniously with one another. There has to be mutual trust and a culture of positive collaboration.

Ultimately, it is about creating the right environment for original concepts to grow. ‘We’re so obsessed with great ideas that we know if we only allow agencies to stay in their swim lane, we’re already putting limitations on the opportunities,’ advises the Budweiser vice-president of marketing, Monica Rustgi. ‘Our big rule of thumb is, as long as you deliver on your sweet spot then you are more than welcome to be disruptive and think outside of the box.’ In a recent interview in The Drum, she admits to being an advocate of championing the best ideas, no matter how they originate. ‘We make sure that our partners have that same mentality so that there isn’t this unhealthy sense of competition. We reward collaboration.’

The old model of taking on the biggest and brashest agency doesn’t always pay off either. Larger agencies may have a big pool of clients, and they may seem more seductive at first, but their senior experts are also likely to have less personal time for your project. Boutique branding agencies, on the other hand, often make up for smaller client portfolios by being hands-on and dedicated to the project. And since the human side of the business is likely to become even more important following the pandemic, this will be a leading factor in deciding on an agency to partner with.

‘People want to be inspired with good ideas and passion, get excited about how good their brand can be, and energised by creative thinking,’ says Leigh Banks, branding director and partner at Spinach Branding. ‘Judge an agency by its energy, personality and values. Agencies are here to deliver that little bit of magic, to pitch a vision that everyone can get behind.’

Spinach is involved in a number of projects where it is essential to work harmoniously alongside internal teams. ‘We established extensive project teams from across multiple agencies, disciples, and channels to deliver in-line with our initial positioning work,’ continues Banks.

He brings the example of Barking Riverside London, Campari, Chotto Matte, Cowshed, and Maze Row – all Spinach Branding clients. ‘These are very different companies, yet they are all exciting brands, and it has been fantastic collaborating with respected peers, learning from them, and sharing our knowledge and expertise. Ultimately, it is about realising a shared vision for creating powerful and timeless branding and design.’

A healthy collaboration also adds to the dynamics of the project. Teams can learn from one another, share ideas and approaches – have fun in the process. Spinach recently collaborated with Thunderbird Fried Chicken on the fast-food chain’s latest branding strategy.

‘The Spinach team worked relentlessly at digging into the core of our brand before designing the actual brand architecture,’ says Thunderbird’s chief executive Marcel Khan, who has worked with Planet Hollywood, Belgo Group, Loch Fyne and Nando’s. This, he feels, ‘provided us with not just amazing brand articulation but a foundation to work from that will serve us well into the future. All that, and they’re top people. What’s not to love.’

Images: Advertising work for Barking Riverside London, and Maze Row creating a new name in fine wine – all projects by Spinach Branding.

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