Spinach creates the Sacred Spirits brand book and website

Sacred Spirits brand bookHigh up on the hills of Highgate in north London is a boutique distillery making some of the world’s most revered spirits. Sacred Spirits is like no other craft distiller. The brainchild of a former City head-hunter, through science and innovation some of the purest and most intriguing spirits are being produced here.

Recently, the founders Ian Hart and Hilary Whitney asked Spinach to create a bespoke brand book. Sacred by Nature celebrates the occasion and reveals how the company has evolved from a small batch microdistillery to a global brand. Alongside the book, Spinach was also tasked to re-design the company website.

Sacred Spirits brand bookWe first came to know Sacred while researching The Life Negroni, a book on the art and craft of making this classic cocktail. Having visited the distillery and met with Ian and Hilary, we became captivated by the sheer passion this small team has for their produce, for the art of making, and the exciting and innovative vacuum distillation process through which they create the spirits. This unusual distillation process produces some very pure and unique gins, vodkas, and whiskeys, which use organic produce most of which are sourced locally in the UK.

Ian and Hilary still live and breathe Sacred – they are personally involved in the process of making, of promoting and distributing Sacred produces. You can find them regularly vacuum distilling small batches from their home in Highgate as they continue to invent new recipes. Sacred is an authentic brand, and we knew from the start that the story is theirs to tell – our job has been to work with the script, weaving it into a modern tale of artisan produce and spirited innovation, and the sheer determination to make a refined product that is admired around the world.

Sacred Spirits brand bookThe book’s narrative centres around the personalities, processes, and products that set the Sacred brand apart. Our photographers visited the new Highgate distillery to capture the space, and the distillation process in action. The brand book positions Sacred Spirits where it deserves to be – on par with some of the most influential artisan spirits producers in the world.

Read our interview with Sacred Spirits Hilary Whitney on collaborating with Spinach for the brand book and website. Take a closer look at Sacred by Nature and visit the new Sacred Spirits website.

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