Creating a new name and logo for the luxury Champagne specialist

Spinach has helped create a new name, company logo and brand identity for the luxurious gift specialists Rupert Forsythe Bespoke Champagne. Formally known as VIP Fizz, it felt that the founder’s name best expressed the premium nature of the product and services.

‘Forsythe is a great British name,’ says Spinach director of branding Leigh Banks. ‘It has evocative tonal qualities. During the brand workshop, it became clear that Rupert’s aspirations, values and personality could not be separated from the brand. When we reflected on these two points, it became an obvious choice to use Rupert’s name as the platform to build the brand.’

New logo design by Spinach for Rupert Forsythe Bespoke Champagne


Rupert Forsythe is a true entrepreneur and Champagne aficionado, says Banks. The company painstakingly sources its products from fourth-generation grower and producer Laurent Hostomme, whilst offering a service where people can create their own hand-foiled personalised labels for as many bottles as they wish to gift.

The logomark and packaging design created by Spinach takes inspiration from iconic French wine and Champagne producers to offer the right blend of understated luxury and ornate flourish.

Read more about the project here

New logo by Spinach for Rupert Forsythe Bespoke Champagne
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