Website design for Paul Rhodes Bakery

Taking ‘the art of baking’ online for the leading London bakery.

Paul Rhodes Bakery is one of London’s leading independent artisan bakeries. The business supplies large hotel groups, restaurants and cafes, and runs two retail bakeries in Notting Hill and Greenwich.

We rebranded the bakery in 2016 and created a unique brand positioning around ‘the art of baking’. Our aim was to accentuate, through the brand identity, founder and former Michelin star chef Paul Rhodes’ commitment to quality ingredients and traditional techniques.

Taking the brand online, we wanted to create an ecommerce website that gave the business a 24-hour retail presence and brought the new brand positioning to life. We did this by focusing on the people, processes and products behind the brand. 

First we created a bank of ‘people and process’ imagery shot in and around the Greenwich wholesale bakery, and then we photographed every individual product at our photographic studio in Hackney.

Built in WordPress to offer maximum accessibility and scalability, we created an intuitive and easy to navigate product showcase, illustrated with rich brand imagery and high resolution product photography.  

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