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London branding agency for Fintech create new brand for ieDigital

ieDigital is a provider of financial services technology to the retail, banking, and finance industry. We helped strengthen their position as a global challenger with new branding.

We were asked to develop ieDigital’s brand identity in line with its new brand name and strengthen its position as experts in the field of ‘open platform’ development.

As the financial services industry comes to terms with a new era of ‘open banking’ and next-generation platform requirements, ieDigital wanted to be the go-to partner.

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Core insight

Emerging technologies offer enormous consumer benefits in the financing, financial management, and revenue opportunities for companies that provide financial products and services. Positioning ieDigital as a strategic partner unencumbered by traditional industry thinking and offering a flexible, future-proof proprietary platform was critical to our bright, modern, and approachable rebrand.

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Our approach

theme of ‘digital engineers’ defined the new identity. ieDigital was happy to embrace a radically new look and feel for its identity to become the challenger brand of its sector. This approach reflected the broader business’s ambitions as it moved from a regional (UK) sense of identity to an unequivocally global one.

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Visual identity
As a digital business, we needed a digital-first approach to the new brand and its primary touchpoints. The new website design was a priority and tested for the new identity. This was an opportunity to develop secondary visual assets that bring the ‘digital engineers’ concept and critical attributes of the icon to life in the form of animated but simple graphic features. Across the brand experience, the consistent use of these visual elements delivers the brand identity in support of the wordmark and icon.

From here, we have delivered the full range of materials required of a global technology company – presentation and documentation templates, communication templates, digital and hard copy business tools, an event-specific brochure template, a re-imagined reception area, and building signage. In addition, all work was given structure and usage guidance through an online Brand Hub.

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