Lee Broom imagines the perfect Martini glass for Tanqueray No. Ten

UK designer Lee Broom has partnered with gin distiller Tanqueray to create the perfect Martini glass. Made in limited numbers, the Perfect Ten Martini Glass reimagines his Half Cut collection taking inspiration from Art Deco and the Tanqueray No. Ten’s unusual ten-faceted bottle design. Using hand-blown crystal glass, Broom has added vertical cuts to the glass stopper and vessel, whilst the crystal decanter stopper at the base of the glass was created using a one-off mould. Our luxury editor Nargess Banks caught up with Lee Broom to find out more…

Lee Broom unveils The Perfect Ten Martini glass © Lee Broom


Nargess Banks: What makes the perfect Martini glass?

Lee Broom: I think it can’t be too gimmicky. A Martini is a classic drink so its glass needs to be classic too. That doesn’t mean it can’t have a contemporary twist – just no gimmicks.

NB: For the design, were you inspired by a particular time in history – a movie, an image or a character?

LB: I’m very fond of the Art Deco period and this glass has a nod to that era – I think. I also took inspiration from striking vertical cut glass elements of the Tanqueray No. Ten bottle design.

NB: The Martini is one of the most classic of all cocktails with such an evocative history. How do you see your glass responding to the cocktail in this century?

LB: I think it elevates the classicism of the Martini rather than reinvents it. I like my pieces to stand the test of time, to be timeless just like the Martini.

NB. I recently co-authored The Life Negroni, a book that celebrates another classic cocktail. Whilst researching, I asked designers and makers how they would describe their most memorable Negroni moment for some intriguing quotes. How would you describe your perfect Martini setting?

LB: Drinking a Martini is all about the theatre. The drink itself is very simple but how you order it, the questions you are asked by your server and additionally, how it is served and presented are all important. It is the test of a good bar. My favourite Martini experience is always at The Connaught. The Martini bar cart is personalised perfection.

The Lee Broom Martini glass was first unveiled at Salone del Mobile in Milan in April and forms part of a year-long ‘Perfect Ten’ campaign with Tanqueray.

Lee Broom unveils The Perfect Ten Martini glass
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