Spinach creates an engaging ad campaign for property agent Knight Frank

Spinach campaign identity for Knight Frank

Last year we sold our home. To decide on the right agency, we invited a handful to view and value the property. The price they placed was clearly of importance, yet equally was our chemistry. Much like any other partnership, shared brand values matter. Possibly more than any other transaction, the customer needs to feel they’re being taken care of.

The Move/Found campaign for Knight Frank by Spinach Branding set out to do exactly that. The concept behind phase one of the project, which rolled out across the UK last year to great success, was to put the customer at the very centre of the campaign. Property agencies can be cold, some are even aggressive, with their advertising and promotional work – they often lacking that all-important human factor. Instead, they rely on cold, hard sales techniques, their resumes brimming with past sales figures, which can feel a little dated.

The team at Spinach worked closely with Knight Frank to help humanise the real estate consultancy through images, graphics, and words that convey a softer, kinder message. The ad campaign’s visual identity is therefore aspirational; it promotes a positive lifestyle. The focus was removed from direct sales to customer benefits. The shift has helped Knight Frank stand out from its competitors as well as bring potential customers closer to the brand.

Spinach campaign identity for Knight Frank

Following the positive response generated by Move/Found, Spinach was one again consulted to evolve the message further, to make the adverts even more tangible. The idea with the latest wave of campaigns has been to convey Knight Frank’s understanding of their customers’ needs and to appreciate that the sales, buying and letting process is stressful, that it detracts from work and play. The use of ‘Get back to the things you love sooner’, for instance, reflects this message.

Spinach was also tasked to reinvent the property agent’s slightly dry sales letter. They broke away with the convention and designed a manifesto instead packed with positive messages. Displayed in Knight Frank offices and across the UK on public transport and in direct commuter vision, these brand statements focus on the benefits for clients and customers in partnering with a globally networked operator like Knight Frank driven to uphold an excellent, long-standing reputation. The lighter, more conversational copy helps further humanise the brand so they can engage with an audience more quickly and effectively.

Images: Knight Frank Move/Found campaign by © Spinach Branding.

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