Content Marketing for The Cavendish

Timely marketing campaign for the most publishable bar and restaurant in Marylebone.

The Cavendish has a lot going for it. Not only is it located in one of central London’s most characterful districts, it is connected to some of the best suppliers in the business.

Having already created The Cavendish brand identity and website, we were well attuned to these USPs. So when asked how best to highlight them, we had a solution.

Considering the wealth of stories surrounding The Cavendish – the royal warranted butchers, the Josper Oven, the specialist drinks list, the irreverent art on the walls, etc – it had to be a newspaper.

Tactile, timely, locally inclusive; the paper we created, and distributed across a targeted square mile, is not only the perfect hyper-local communications tool, but the backbone of The Cavendish’s quarterly marketing activity.

What readers see in print will be spun out across the brand’s digital marketing and social channels over the coming months, creating a compelling and cohesive narrative around great food, great drink and a great local.

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