Top tips on selecting the right branding agency for your project

Maze Row by Spinach Branding

Why should a company engage a professional branding agency? This is a question often asked by medium to smaller businesses concerned with the extra effort. Yet, the long-term benefits of working with branding experts far outweighs the cost. Brands developed through a systematic approach, built on insight, with a clear strategy and brand proposition, can create great desire and loyalty with customers. Achieve this, and you are on the path to being a commercial success. And, employing a branding agency to help you through this process is an investment that gives great returns.

‘People want to be inspired with unique ideas and true passion, get excited about how good their brand can be, its potential, and be energised by creative thinking,’ says the Spinach branding director and partner, Leigh Banks. ‘Judge an agency by its energy, personality and values. Agencies are here to deliver that little bit of magic, to pitch a vision that everyone can get behind. But ultimately, it is about realising a shared vision for creating powerful and timeless brands.’

But how to select an agency that will work for you? Here are our five essential tips:

Barking Riverside branding by © Spinach Branding

  1. Do your research

View it much like a partnership: you need to have chemistry. So, the first step is to identify a branding agency you actually like. View their portfolio. Speak with their clients. Make an appointment to meet with the agency team. It’s imperative to get to know, admire and respect the branding agency’s work. And it helps to share similar values.

  1. Look beyond specialities

It can beneficial if the branding agency has experience in your field, but that shouldn’t necessarily govern your choice. The global trend is moving away from favouring agencies with single market expertise to ones with a broader knowledge base and skillsets. It reflects the changing landscape where businesses have become much more fluid in how they navigate multiple areas.

  1. Foster a culture of collaboration

Marketers in larger companies with in-house creative capabilities are increasingly partnering with external agencies. They know the benefits of engaging independent branding directors who will bring with them multiple experiences and expertise. And a healthy collaborative environment will only add to the dynamics of the project. Teams can learn from one another. They can share ideas and approaches. They can even have fun in the process.

  1. Ideas, ideas, ideas

The creative work should always be the conversation starter. Champion the best ideas, no matter how they originate. The partnership should be about creating the right environment to nurture original concepts. Rather than limiting the branding agency to a single direction, encourage them to be inventive and think outside the box.

  1. Big isn’t always better

The old model of taking on the biggest and brashest agency has long gone. Larger agencies may seem more seductive, but their senior experts are also likely to have less personal time for your business. On the other hand, boutique branding agencies often make up for smaller client portfolios by being hands-on and dedicated to the project.

Images: Brand creation, identity and naming for Maze Row and creating the publication and digital platform VOICES, and placemaking branding for Barking Riverside – all by Spinach Branding.

Spinach Branding is a specialist branding agency based in London. We work with established businesses and start-ups around the world to build and refine their brands. See how we work and get in touch to discuss your brand.

VOICES by Maze Row is created by Spinach Branding
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