How your brand name can connect deeply with your audience and investors

Unilode brand name created by Spinach Branding

When former Hollywood star, Gwyneth Paltrow, set out to launch her online wellness and lifestyle brand from her kitchen table in 2008, she was told by a friend that successful and Googleable online brands, much like Google, should have double O’s in its name. Paltrow took her friend’s advice, put a couple of O’s between the first letters of her name and surname, and Goop was born to become a hugely successful and much-emulated brand.

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There is no question that a powerful name positions a brand for success. It is the first encounter with the audience, and it has to deliver in an instance. Apple. Google. Virgin. These are all extremely powerful brand names. Paltrow was adamant that her company name not mean anything – that its absurdity was to make it memorable. On returning from an apple farm during one of his fruitarian diets, Steve Jobs named his business Apple, allegedly saying the name is ‘fun, spirited and not intimidating’. Richard Branson played on the literal negative of Virgin to great success.

Entoria&Coe brand naming by Spinach Branding

Many companies view their name as a sign; a purely descriptive set of letters to make up a word or two. They are missing out, for there is an art to creating the perfect name. Finding that lasting and successful title involves a methodology and a set of guidelines. At Spinach Branding, we have decades of experience naming new brands and renaming established businesses, including global companies such as Unilode, Entoria&Coe, CAP Gin, Yugo, ieDigital, and Bowlb. And we follow a rigorous proven naming process. It is simple, yet very effective with key stages to include deeply understanding the competitive landscape and forecasting its future. Crucially for us, it means working closely with our clients to know their position and unravel their aspirations.

CAP Gin brand naming by Spinach Branding

Central to our process is confirming the brand proposition – that is the core messages a business communicates through its narrative, its look and expression, and its voice. Confirming the brand proposition is really the key to unlocking the company name since you are essentially naming the essence of your brand. And a compelling lasting name is the result of a powerful brand proposition and positioning strategy.

Fintech company ieDigital brand naming and logo design by Spinach Branding

How do we do this? Through dynamic and interactive workshops involving company management and staff. Our process starts with a discovery audit and leads to brand positioning, name creation, name evaluation and shortlisting, trademark and linguistic checks, creative testing, name selection presentation, and finally legal registration. It may seem complex, but the process will lead you to a name that will in an instance describe your brand, connect deeply with you, your audience, and investors.

Fintech company ieDigital brand naming and logo design by Spinach Branding

‘Brand naming requires you to be creative and brave,’ says Spinach branding director Leigh Banks. ‘It takes courage to challenge the status quo and received wisdom, but often this is where opportunities are. Just consider how daring it was for Richard Branson to name his burgeoning business after a term used to indicate someone who is naïve, or who hasn’t yet had sexual intercourse. Of course, Virgin became a widely successful company and the name became synonymous with its unique proposition and clever positioning. Could Virgin have achieved such success with a more modest name? I doubt it.’

Bowlb brand name created by Spinach Branding

Our London studio employs branding experts, copywriters, and designers who collectively have years of experience in this field. Our ethos is to work intimately with each and every brand so as to create the most compelling, powerful, and lasting name for them. And the process is hugely engaging and can be fun.

Spinach Branding is a specialist branding agency based in London. We work with established businesses and start-ups around the world to build and refine their brands. See how we work and get in touch to discuss your brand.

CAP Gin brand naming by Spinach Branding
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