Product Brochure Design for Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants

A luxury product brochure design for Domaine Trapet en primeur release.

Delicate, elegant, harmonious. A few of the words Jean Louis Trapet chooses to describe the fruits of his labour at Domaine Trapet.

In terms of describing perfectly executed luxury brochure design, we couldn’t agree more with his choice of words. So we built every page of Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants’ Domaine Trapet en primeur release brochure accordingly.

With over a decade’s experience shooting brand imagery for some of the world’s leading drinks brands, we knew exactly how to frame the premium products of Domaine Trapet and give them the ‘sell’ they deserved.

Combined with existing imagery of the family-run estate and Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants’ expert tasting notes and comprehensive pricing, we created a visually appealing, luxury sales tool.

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