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A little while ago we published a book that is a little unusual in that it edges on any specific genre. The Life Negroni isn’t strictly speaking a cocktail book, nor is it a historical account, a design or branding publication… (or come to think of it entirely factual as we allowed a drizzle of fiction to garnish the book).

Perhaps it was this element of free spirit, of not fitting into a defined category, that spoke to readers for it was a phenomenal success selling far beyond our expectations. And the journey seems to continue, even though the book is over a year old. We have partnered with numerous organisations in London, have travelled to Dubai and have interest in Canada and Mexico for exhibitions, talks and joint ventures.

Could it be that the printed book with its ink on paper, remains more evocative, precious and therefore timeless than the digital book? The Guardian ran a story recently noting that book sales have been on a continuous increase, especially with younger readers, and that digital downloads have significantly declined. Perhaps as our worlds become increasingly digitalised, the act of reading, seen as a leisure pursuit, needs to remain physical.

Spinach works extensively with print and digital, and we see a difference in how the two are approached in terms of copy and design. Consuming online, and increasingly via mobile, is an entirely different act to spending time with a magazine, brochure or book. Much in the same way as watching a film at the cinema is an altogether different experience than watching television.

We feel that they need one another – that print and digital almost always benefit from working in partnership as one teases, the other delivers the full package. We approached The Life Negroni as a complete product – one that needed to engage the reader through its words and a ‘soft’ running narrative, and through a visual direction that through type, photography, graphics and illustration takes the reader on a provocative journey. And, of course it needed to have an alluring cover – for this is where the printed book holds its biggest power.

Onto our next project…

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