See why the digital brand hub is the best home for brand guidelines

Spinach Branding creates a digital brand guideline hub for Chotto Matte

Every company needs a refined set of brand guidelines. They provide the necessary support to ensure that the brand identity remains aligned with the core brand proposition and be consistent in applications. That said, the printed model is a tool of the past with the digital brand hub, the way forward.

Much more than guidelines, online hubs provide access to all aspects of the brand’s world. This includes ​​digital technical guidelines, digital assets, photography and video management, creative collaboration tools, as well as digital and print templates. Unlike the more rigid print format, the digital model is easy to access and can be shared among staff and stakeholders. Meanwhile, management is able to decide which parts to distribute to partner companies.

‘The ease of use, management, and consistent brand application contribute directly to a brand’s bottom line,’ says Spinach branding director Leigh Banks. The London-based agency has extensive experience working alongside international businesses such as Campari, Barking Riverside London, Camelot, Soho House and Unilode. ‘A digital brand hub enables everyone who is engaged with the brand to be connected to the latest version at all times, wherever they are,’ he continues, noting that this is especially helpful with companies collaborating with multiple other businesses. ‘These brand hubs allow our customers to achieve significant improvements on brand consistency and productivity.’

Spinach Branding creates a digital brand guideline hub for Barking Riverside LondonAccording to Banks, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the digital brand ecosystem. It is agile, the format is flexible and can be edited, altered and continuously kept up to date. It can also be customised and the design changed according to the brand’s specific needs. Unlike a static document, working online offers multi-brand structures, analytics and user management systems. Through the digital model, all teams will stay informed and connected; from the creative side to board members, they can all collaborate on documents in real-time. And, unlike printed paper, a digital document won’t harm the environment.

Increasingly, Spinach is advising its clients to work with the digital brand hub model. ‘Our digital brand hub, provided by software specialists Frontify, is being used by the likes of Barking Riverside, Borussia Dortmund, Chotto Matte, e-on, Lufthansa, MAN, Trainline and Vodafone, to manage their brands with great success,’ says Banks. ‘Long gone are the frustrations associated with using outdated printed guidelines or cobbled together portals and tools, such as SharePoint. Our digital brand hubs are designed and developed so our customers can easily use them to their full potential without any compromise,’ he says, concluding: ‘In the long run, a digital model is a positive brand management investment.’

Images: Spinach Branding’s digital brand guideline hub for Chotto Matte and Barking Riverside London © Spinach Branding

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