Talent spotting at Clerkenwell Design Week

There’s an abundance of creative energy in London. The city is buzzing, each neighbourhood offering its own unique flavour. It helps that the metropolis is home to some of the leading art and design schools, and its multicultural nature offers a constant flow of influences from other worlds and other cultures.

London also benefits from a vibrant commercial scene. Businesses from around the world have headquarters here and, as we at Spinach get to witness through our work, there is a great deal of collaboration between commerce and creativity, adding a sense of reality to more conceptual work. It really is a very positive and healthy relationship that benefits creative agencies like ours, and businesses large and small.

We’re also always on the lookout for new talent, and like to keep up with trends in design, in form, materials and manufacturing. Some of the best places to get a feel for the London design scene are at the annual festivals. The London Design Festival in September is one of the largest and not to be missed. Yet smaller, more local ones, such as the upcoming Clerkenwell Design Week this spring, are definitely worth visiting. They can be more experimental, have a fresher approach and invest in less famous names.

A relative newcomer, CDW is gaining in confidence and reach yearly. The three-day annual event (24-26 May 2016) sees international firms, individual designers and emerging young artists gather in one of London’s most creative quarters forming a striking contrast between the local historic architecture and contemporary design. It’s hugely engaging navigating this quirky show, and to see Clerkenwell’s landmarks transforms into a large exhibition space especially around the hub at St John’s Gate.

This year the show is promising new locations, brands and installations, and a new look steered by architect OMMX who is creating a masterplan for the event. The format will expand to eight exhibition venues, a gateway destination to Clerkenwell’s showrooms, an installation trail and a brand new destination.

Newcomers include Design Fields, a large-scale exhibition of contemporary design, set in a specially constructed two-floor pavilion at Spa Fields, near Exmouth Market. There will be live content and temporary spaces designed to connect, relax and recharge.

The park space at St James’s Church Garden will become a key destination as part of the festival’s new look with the new exhibition Project hosting leading international brands presenting furniture, lighting and product design, alongside the hugely successful interior products show.

We’ll certainly be visiting.

For further information visit CDW.


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