Spinach Branding refreshes the Chotto Matte restaurant brand

Chotto Matte re-branding by SpinachBranding.com

Chotto Matte has a compelling brand proposition. The restaurant group brings the unique flavours of Peruvian Nikkei cuisine to London, Toronto, Miami, Doha and Riyadh. Each space reflects the location with building designs that are culturally grounded, favour local materials but are equally edgy and underground with a high-dose of commissioned artwork, live music and entertainment. Chotto’s mission is to create extraordinary experiences.

Spinach Branding has been working alongside Chotto to help evolve the brand. The London-based consultancy refined the brand proposition and developed a new brand identity to include messaging and tone-of-voice platform, a refreshed visual identity and new logo system, as well as a digital brand hub that will guide the business as it expands further globally.

Chotto Matte re-branding by SpinachBranding.com

To do so, Spinach tapped into Chotto’s unique brand story of maverick personalities, sustainable and delicious food, and inventive restaurant design. The brainchild of restauranteur Kurt Zdesar, the first Chotto venue opened on 18 September 2013 in London’s Soho to host the Dazed & Confused party at the end of London Fashion Week. And the timing proved to be perfect. Dazed brought along London’s fashionistas and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since.

Zdesar has an impressive resume. He introduced the Nobu brand to Europe and created the highly-successful Ping Pong restaurant chain. Zdesar has an instinct for identifying new trends in the business and capturing the zeitgeist. The idea for Chotto came by chance on a trip to Shanghai when he first tasted Peruvian Ceviche. ‘The taste stayed with me. The food is fresh, healthy and delicious and can be eaten daily,’ he says. ‘I then researched Nikkei cuisine and its incredible history and knew I had to do something with this.’

Chotto Matte re-branding by SpinachBranding.com

Like many regional foods, Peruvian Nikkei cuisine tells the story of migration and cultural fusion. The Japanese have a significance presence in South America, and in particular in Brazil and Peru with settlements that started over a century ago when farmers came seeking work at coastal sugar plantations. Since, the Japanese Peruvians population has been instrumental in shaping local culinary favours.

Peruvian Nikkei cuisine is an expression of this and a lively combination of Japanese and Peruvian ingredients and techniques. The two cultures favour fish and seasonal ingredients, with Japanese sushi and sashimi and Peruvian ceviche central to their gastronomy. Nikkei blends these culinary traditions, combining the best of Japanese clean cooking and Peruvian warmth and hospitality. At Chotto, executive chef Jordan Sclare has created a menu inspired by Peruvian Nikkei classics to great success.

Chotto Matte re-branding by SpinachBranding.com

Then there is the all-important venues. If modern luxury is increasingly about offering ephemeral and experiential moments, then Chotto is at the vanguard of the restaurant scene. From London to Miami, Toronto, Doha and Riyadh, guests dine among creations by radical Japanese graffiti artists and within art interventions, and experience live cooking theatre. At Chotto music, colour, materials and textures offer unique sensory experiences.

‘As originals and authentic leaders in taking Peruvian Nikkei cuisine worldwide in unique surroundings, Chotto should always continue to evolve and innovate,’ says Leigh Banks, Spinach branding director who worked on the project. ‘The recent brand project has enabled the business to set the pace once again in a fast and competitive industry.’

Chotto’s founder Kurt Zdesar discusses his journey from Nobu to Ping Pong and Chotto here
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New Chotto Matte brand logo by SpinachBranding.com
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