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Advertising Campaign for Campari

Campari needed to stir up a new generation of Campari drinkers. We served up the perfect proposition.

We were asked by Campari UK to drive awareness of the iconic red spirit among a new generation of cocktail lovers who were acquiring a taste for more complex, bitter flavours. Rooted in extensive consumer research and built around timeless Campari serves, the advertising campaign would position Campari as the key ingredient to a selection of classic cocktails and aperitivos.

Spinach Branding Agency London
Spinach branding Agency London
Work by Spinach branding creative agency London
Drinks Photography by Spinach Branding agency
Art Direction by Spinach Design agency
Art Direction Agency by Spinach branding agency

Core Insight

‘Ready for Bitter?’ stems from consumer insight around the changing tastes of Campari’s target audience. It was revealed that as cocktail drinkers’ tastes mature, they desire more bitter and discerning drinks with heritage and authenticity. We built a campaign identity that carried the message further, twinning an appreciation of Campari with a refined taste in design and the pursuit of quality.

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Campari UK brand advertising campaign by Spinach 'Ready for Bitter?'
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Messaging and visual direction

We styled, art directed and photographed the five key Campari serve visuals on location. Our aim was to create a unique character for each, providing a practical serving suggestion and bridging the perceived knowledge gap. For instance, most people have heard of Campari, but not everyone knows how it tastes or how to drink it. So we asked a direct question of the consumer and offered them a straight answer. In style.  

Spinach Magazine Advertising Agency
Campari Adverts by Spinach Branding
Spinach London Brand Agency Campari Advertising

An integrated approach

Consistency of message and look and feel across all touchpoints was essential to the success of the campaign. We created a concise copy treatment that combined each classic serve with a tantalising taste profile and origin story snippet. The campaign was rolled out across multiple UK newspapers and lifestyle publications and across Campari’s well-subscribed social channels. We created additional serve videos to bring the campaign to life across social and onto a new dedicated campaign microsite.

Digital adverts for campari
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