Campari Creates explores the iconic Italian drink

Mark McClure for Campari Creates

The Mostra for Campari Creates is a fully immersive art installation. Here London artist Mark McClure takes the classic Milanese drink, the distinctive hue of the Campari liquid, and the shards of light inside the glass as inspiration for an exotic journey inside his artwork. It will debut at the Dray Walk Gallery in Shoreditch, London on 18 September in time for the start of the annual London Design Festival, and will be there to be experienced throughout the month.

Campari UK has organised a series of talks with creatives from the world of art, design, and mixology to mark the company’s longstanding relationship with the arts. To complete the experience, three Campari classics are on serve at the bar – the Negroni and Negroni Sbagliato (the classic and its ‘wrong’ sibling – drinks our team at Spinach are all too familiar with since creating The Life Negroni), and the Campari Gin & Tonic, a G+T with a splash of Milan.

Mark McClure for Campari Creates

Spinach has been involved with some exciting projects with Campari. Having created the bespoke brand book La Vita Campari, we helped with the brand identity for Campari Creates at Design Junction in 2017. Now we have just completed an evocative advertising campaign for Campari UK. But more on this will be revealed very soon.

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Mark McClure for Campari Creates Spinach Branding
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