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Brand Naming

Some say naming a brand is as hard as naming a child. We say it’s harder and a lot more problematic if you get it wrong…

Names carry all sorts of emotions and feelings with them. In the professional world they carry the added weight of aspiration, expectation and apprehension: will it do our business justice? Will it resonate with our customers? Does it mean anything rude in Spanish?

We appreciate that naming – or renaming – a business isn’t easy. And like finding a domain name online, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find something unique. (Like Google, or Uber, or Spinach, for example.)

Using our creativity and industry experience, we can help you create a name that satisfies both your emotional and practical requirements. From name generation to legal searches, registration and trademarking, we can help you find a name that fits.

Looking for a brand naming agency to help with your naming project? Call us on 020 7739 2777 or email studio@spinachbranding.com


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