Top tips on how to create a powerful brand name

It all starts with the perfect name. The power of the company name to make or break a brand cannot be overestimated. It is the first impression of a company, and it needs to work on so many levels – be original, be memorable, be authentic, and be understood across international borders. Many companies view the name as letters that make up a word. Brand naming, though, is more akin to design – following a process and a set of guidelines will ensure the best possible product.

Spinach helped create the brand name Unilode

The key is to find a fresh way into the hearts and minds of the customers, redefine and own the conversation in the industry, and engage people on as many levels as possible. The best company names represent the ultimate process of distilling these elements, reducing them to a single word or two.

For Spinach Branding, a strong name is the result of a powerful positioning strategy. We tend to use a simple, yet very effective, name development process that includes a set of key stages of activity – discovery audit; name positioning platform document; name development; name evaluation and shortlisting; trademark checks; creative testing; name selection presentation; and legal registration (take a closer look at brand naming our process).

Spinach helped create the brand name Unilode

Following the discovery audit, we conduct a naming workshop to involve company management and staff. The idea is to open- up the discussion, create a forum. These workshops are intense and work incredibly well, from where unexpected ideas are found. The Spinach practice is never to dictate. Our job is to guide and instigate the spark, then to make it conceptually and visually come to life.

Creativity is at the heart of company naming. At the Spinach studio, we have branding experts, copywriters, and designers who collectively have years of experience in this field. Each of our team has a specialist skill, and our ethos is always to work intimately with each and every client, to give them the best possible service.

Spinach has worked on brand name creation for a diverse range of companies to include Unilode, Entoria&Coe, ieDigital, Bowlb, and The Life Negroni. We have also carried out numerous brand naming workshops including at Cowshed for Soho House (more will be revealed soon).

Spinach Branding is a specialist branding agency based in London. We work with established businesses and start-ups around the world to build and refine their brands. See how we work and get in touch to discuss your brand.


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