Brand Identity for Claude Hooper Interiors

Giving the show home specialists a new brand in their 45th year

Claude Hooper Interiors is an interior design company designing show homes, marketing suites and retirement developments for some of the biggest names in the UK property industry.

They commissioned Spinach to conduct their first major rebrand since 1972. The aim was to help them articulate how the company had successfully evolved over 45 years to become the industry-leading family business it is today.

We conducted brand workshops with the team to refine their core values, then developed a definitive brand story. Once everyone agreed with the brand platform – the visual and verbal foundations of the brand – we created the brand identity.

As a creative business, Claude Hooper are passionate about crafting emotionally engaging and visually entertaining experiences through considered design and consultation. And we wanted their brand to say just that.

Bold, timeless, practical and stylish, their new brand identity says a lot about who they are as a business and their approach to what they do.

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