Autumn/Winter Fashion Campaign for Racing Green

Complete fashion branding campaign concept and execution for the British menswear brand.

If menswear could choose a favourite season, it would choose autumn. Colours that blend into landscapes, layering that laughs at the weather and suits in three glorious pieces.

Racing Green’s new autumn/winter collection quite rightly revels in the season, so we went on a shooting expedition to the countryside with a wardrobe full of it.

This is the third fashion campaign we’ve produced, art directed and shot for the Racing Green brand, so we’re well drilled on manoeuvres. We’ve also developed a signature style for their branded campaigns, extending from creative concepts, model selection and art direction through to collateral design and campaign messaging.

As understandably proud Racing Green is of this collection, we’re extremely proud to be helping the brand strengthen their offer alongside some of the biggest menswear retailers on the high street and online.

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