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Brand Audit

Joni Mitchell was almost spot on. Because you don’t truly know what you’ve got till it’s gone through a rigorous brand audit.

Stretching that sentiment a little further brings us to one of the cornerstones of Intelligent Creative – a philosophy that drives our agency. Every business needs to know what they’ve got before they can get to where they want to go. We believe this comes from a clear understanding of background and context: a brand audit.

A Spinach brand audit will look at identity, marketing activity, internal and external perceptions of the brand and business, strengths and weaknesses, everything that reveals exactly where a brand is now. And the results are never short of fascinating with findings normally ranging full spectrum – from the good to the bad and the ugly.

But whatever a brand audit reveals, it needs to be seen as essential therapy for a business; breaking down barriers and bringing positive ideas to the fore. Once we’ve collated this feedback from a brand audit into constructive advice, we can then provide a company with all the information they need to look forward and take their brand to the next level.

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