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Annual Report for Camelot

Camelot is the operator of The National Lottery, one of the UK’s most recognisable consumer brands. We created their first annual report in over 5 years.

We were asked to design and produce a report to show how Camelot touches the lives of the UK population through The National Lottery and other popular games by redistributing their income to support a wide range of community and charitable organisations.

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Core insight
Camelot redistributes 95% of the £1.6bn in revenue it generates from its games each year to good causes, so makes a connection with most people in the UK at some point on its mission to ‘change lives’. We set out to shine a light on this positive mission and the diversity of good causes at the heart of the Camelot business.

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Camelot Annual Report by Spinach Branding
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Visual direction and imagery?
Moving away from a ‘playful’ and ‘games’ brand narrative to one focussed on good causes, we worked with the excellent library of photography that Camelot’s in-house photographer had produced and supported the evolution of the corporate brand into a more people-focused and accessible identity.

Camelot Annual Report 2018 by Spinach Branding
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The result is a vibrant document that highlights the often untold story of how Camelot puts back into society through the provision of safe gaming. And how the organisation is dedicated to helping ordinary people as much as rewarding the people invested in the business. Through this 2017/18 Annual Report, we helped Camelot reveal itself as the modern, friendly, robust, and diverse consumer brand they are today.

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